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The Story Behind Songwriters 4 Vets

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

A country concert for a cause! Songwriters 4 Vets will honor and benefit local and national veterans by donating 100% of the fundraising proceeds to the Kevin Popke Foundation. But, do you know the incredible story behind the event’s beneficiary?

The Kevin Popke Foundation was established as a way to honor the ideals and values of its namesake. Donald Kevin Popke was an Army 1SG who was tragically killed by a distracted driver in 2016. He was known as “50” to his friends and he devoted his entire adult life to serving our country, retiring as a US Army First Sergeant and then as a Department of Defense Contractor.

Not only did he protect our country, but Popke was also a loving husband and a father. His son, Alex, attended Brandon High School where he was a part of the wrestling team. It was on the mat where a father and son bond was strengthened. Through the laughs and the highs and lows of the competition, you could always find Popke on the sidelines, supporting and encouraging Alex and his team.

The Kevin Popke Foundation is committed in continuing the legacy of this hero and dedicated father. This foundation’s original focus was limited to supporting the Brandon High School wrestling program through scholarships and funds associated with tournaments and more. However, the foundation has expanded its scope to also support Veteran-based charities through fundraising and events - thus Songwriters 4 Vets was born.

The Songwriters 4 Vets event will host six Nashville Songwriters, alongside Southwest Florida musician Ben Allen, that will take the stage to perform and share stories behind their hit songs. All of the money raised through this event will be donated to the Kevin Popke Foundation to support the Other Side of the Dunes, the Stano Foundation and Task Force Dagger Foundation charities. Join us as we honor the legacy of Kevin Popke and support other veterans who have fought for our freedom.

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