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Get to Know: Patrick Davis

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

Patrick Davis grew up just outside of the Columbia, South Carolina border in a little city by the name of Camden. With his father being an avid blues guitarist, music was in his blood. With nearly 3,000 vinyl records at his disposal from his father’s collection, Patrick began surrounding himself with music at a very young age. In his earlier years, he began to play the guitar, perfecting the finer points of Rock n’ Roll, Folk, R&B, as well as Soul music. Performing was always something that Patrick had wanted to do, but it wasn’t until he was sixteen that he joined his father on stage for their first gig. After that night with his father on stage, Patrick decided that this is what he wanted to do with his life.

While in high school, Patrick continued to perform at local bars. At just seventeen years old, he was opening for entertainers like Edwin McCain and Hootie & the Blowfish. He began to develop his own sense of music which was more of an Americana-inspired style. After graduating high school, Patrick attended the University of South Carolina where he continued to use the bar scene as his platform.

While in a Philosophy class at the university, Patrick met Virgina Hunt, who would become his future wife. Following their Spring 2001 graduation, Patrick and Virginia started dating. After just three week of seeing each other exclusively, the lovebirds were engaged and planning a wedding within the next month. Instead of going on a honeymoon, the two decided to move to Nashville, TN in order to pursue careers in the music industry; Patrick as an entertainer and Virginia as a manager to artists.

The duo faced hardships after making the big move. They even found themselves driving back and forth to South Carolina so that Patrick could pick up gigs at local bars. He ended up calling the guitarist from Hootie & the Blowfish, Mark Bryan, who worked with him on songwriting and eventually co-produced “Chances Are,” Patrick’s debut solo album in 2002. This eleven song album is what put Patrick Davis on the map. He took his talents on the road, touring and performing his solo album. While traveling, he was offered a record deal with EMI Nashville, where he would soon be writing songs with Darius Rucker, Jewel, Jimmy Buffet, Lady Antebellum, and more!

In 2012, Patrick was extended an invitation that he couldn’t refuse. He was invited to perform at The Firefly Sunset Resort in Hope Town, Abaco, Bahamas. Patrick countered the invitation with the offer that he would bring along some of his songwriting buddies for a multi-day festival, and thus the Songwriters In Paradise, or SIP as Patrick calls it, music festival was born. After years of success with co-writing singles and albums, Patrick decided it was time to get back in the saddle and focus on his own music career. In 2013, he released “The Gamecock,” which was a tribute album to his alma mater, The University of South Carolina. This album soon took the university by storm, becoming the go-to track list for game days. In 2014, he released “Red, White, & Blue Jeans” which encompased his Americana style of music. The album included some of Patrick’s most popular hits “Where I’m From” and “Numbers.”

Patrick is still focusing his time and efforts on his own music career and is currently touring with his twelve piece band entitled “Patrick Davis & His Midnight Choir.” In addition to this, he still tends to his music festival, SIP, which has grown tremendously over the years. For your chance to see Patrick Davis and other amazing country singers and artists on stage, join us at Songwriters 4 Vets!

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